Wallace R. Baker


In recent years, he has served as Board member, principal and/or advisor to several businesses ranging from traditional companies seeking new growth opportunities to new Internet ventures, covering strategy and its financial implications as well as business model development. He helps organizations create strategies to bring competitive advantage, often by taking new directions based on sound financial fundamentals.

Previously, Mr. Baker was a corporate Vice President at MetLife, heading the market planning and strategy group. This included responsibility for creating and executing at a corporate level a process for identifying innovations and key marketing opportunities, shepherding them through various stages of growth and launching them as businesses. He founded the MetLife Trust Company, a Federally chartered trust bank, served as a member its the Board of Directors and various board committees, and launched MetLife's rapidly expanding trust and banking products business. He was also responsible for developing a competitively advantaged corporate strategy for the MetLife enterprise, based on extensive research he conducted of the market and consumer behavior.

Mr. Baker served on various MetLife senior management committees, was a member of the Market Strategy Board, was speechwriter for the company President, and led a set of corporate re-engineering initiatives. Formerly, he was officer in charge of MetLife's corporate planning, where he introduced scenario planning. He earlier had executive and management roles in finance, information technology and investments after holding a position in consulting.

Mr. Baker is a founding member of the Insurance Strategy Group, served on the editorial board of the periodical Perspectives on Technology, has taught and conducted seminars, primarily on strategic planning, and has been a frequent industry speaker. He has also served as a commission member consulting to the executive branch of the United States government. He graduated from Brown University and received an MBA in finance from New York University.

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