Adriane Berg, JD


Adriane Berg, JD, is Founder and CEO of Generation Bold, a sales, marketing, and consulting firm for companies seeking to attract and retain clients and customers in the affluent boomer and active senior markets. She has been a spokesperson and created messages for such companies as American Express, USA Today, Blackrock, ARS Financial, Bank of America, Ameriprise , Entrust, MBNA, and many others. Ms. Berg works with both profit and not for profit organizations and governmental units to create strategic alliances, cost effective ad campaigns, and sales-focused websites.

In AIFG 109 Ms. Berg approaches marketing in part from the perspective of the “Critical Path Success Business Growth” model, an innovative protocol for selling, and promoting, on and off line, often with little or no budget. Students will learn how to respond to the “fear and inertia” that often restrains boomers and seniors from making sound financial decisions, choosing a professional advisor, or finalizing their plans. The course includes how to create effective marketing messages and how to create and promote your own unique brand, while staying compliant and utilizing best practices. Students will learn the art of client and mission-centric financial communication, as required by the NASD and SEC. The course will also teach you how to create strategic alliances with non-financial professionals for purposes of business development, brand building, and reaching out to the caregivers who are or soon will be in charge of their parents' finances.

Ms. Berg is author of 13 books, including How Not to Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth (Wiley 2008). She is a practicing attorney and a founder of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), and an Emmy-winning financial radio and television broadcaster and commentator. She has appeared on OPRAH, Regis, and many other national outlets, and currently hosts the only radio show devoted to issues of wealthy longevity.


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