Service Learning

Many professional associations, such as the American Bar Association, have found that community-based service learning is truly a win-win situation which greatly enhances the credibility, community visibility, and public acceptance of its members. This approach of "doing well while doing good" has proven to be beneficial to all those who participate. AIFG will be a pioneer in financial advisor education by expanding this service-based community approach to financial professionals who work with mature clients.

Each RFG® will have the opportunity to become more actively engaged in their local community, not only raising their awareness of and commitment to community needs, but raising their visibility as a financial services professional, increasing their positive perception by consumers, and providing unique business development opportunities.

The RFG will engage in eight hours of AIFG approved service learning activities annually, with a wide range of potential service learning opportunities. These can include:

  • community financial services seminars within their area(s) of specialization

  • individual consultation on financial needs

  • participation with local/regional/national service or faith-based groups

  • mentoring more inexperienced financial professionals who wish to better advise the mature consumer

These are only a few examples, and each RFG® is encouraged to identify and respond to the financial services and financial education needs of their own community. AIFG review and approval is necessary for all service learning activities.

Through the participation of the American Society on Aging (ASA) and its thousands of members throughout the country, the RFG desiring help in locating, scheduling, or arranging approved service learning opportunities will receive the necessary assistance from AIFG and ASA. All service learning activities arranged through ASA will already be approved for credit to RFG® requirements.

The RFG certification is awarded provisionally to those who who have completed all required courses and the comprehensive examination, or continuing education requirements, and the RFG has one year to complete the service learning activity.

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