Kelvin Boston

Kelvin Boston is dedicated to reducing poverty in African American communities and teaching African Americans how to manage their money. Growing up in the projects in Wilmington, Delaware, Mr. Boston experienced poverty firsthand. After graduating from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania with a BA in English Literature, he returned home to start the South Wilmington Housing Counseling Service in 1977 in an effort to reduce the number of people living in the projects. His work in South Wilmington earned him an appointment to the mayoral staff of William T. McLaughlin.

While working for Mayor McLaughlin in Wilmington during the 1970s, Mr. Boston met a Black economist who explained, "Teaching blacks how to manage their money was the only permanent way to reduce poverty in Black America." Inspired by these words, Mr. Boston moved to Toledo, Ohio and became a financial planner with IDS/American Express, earning the position of Mid-West Regional Manager for Financial Planning during his tenure.

In 1988, realizing the lack of financial information outlets specifically designed for the needs of African Americans, he left IDS/American Express and moved to Detroit to create the country's first Black financial television series, "Financial Insight," initially broadcast on local-cable stations in Michigan. The program was soon nationally syndicated as "The Color of Money." It can now be seen on Knowledge TV cable and PBS stations across the country under its new title "Moneywise with Kelvin Boston."

Mr. Boston, a former director of the Calvert New Africa Mutual Fund, is the chief executive officer of Boston Media, Inc., the multimedia company that produces the "Moneywise with Kelvin Boston" television series. He also publishes the financial magazine, "Moneywise."

Mr. Boston is a popular public speaker and has written several money management articles that have appeared in various periodicals. His first book, Smart Money Moves for African Americans, was a bestseller; and his next book, The Smart Business Guides for African Americans, was released in 1998.



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