Robert J. Doyle, Jr., MA, MBA, CLU, ChFC

Robert Doyle is an independent financial consultant, author and speaker based in Devon, Pennsylvania. He is affiliated with Surgent & Associates, the country's leading purveyor of continuing professional education courses in financial planning and taxation for CPAs, and is currently responsible for writing, maintaining and teaching ten courses in retirement, finance, investment and tax planning.

Mr. Doyle has spoken widely to many groups in the financial services community on insurance, tax, retirement, investment and related financial planning topics. He has worked as the Senior Vice President of a diversified insurance, employee benefits and executive compensation consulting firm and life insurance agency in the Mid-Atlantic region. Mr. Doyle also has served as Professor of Finance and Insurance at the American College for 15 years and as Adjunct Professor of Taxation in the graduate tax program of Widener University Graduate School of Management.

Mr. Doyle has published nearly 50 articles and is the author of numerous books and software packages. He holds MA and MBA degrees from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Macalester College. Mr. Doyle is a CLU and a Chartered Financial Consultant.



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