The RFG Comprehensive Examination

After completion of the four Core Courses and two selected Electives, you will need to take the RFG Comprehensive Examination to demonstrate your proficiency in the subjects of Financial Gerontology covered in the courses you have taken.

The RFG examination process consists of a single paper-and-pencil exam. It takes approximately two hours to complete. The format of the exam is open book and multiple-choice. For each student, the exam is customized to cover only the courses he/she has taken. A score of 70 percent is required to pass, while a score of 85 percent or higher earns the RFG designation With Distinction.

As a RFG candidate, you have various options for taking the Comprehensive Examination:

  • The most direct is to take the exam on-site where the AIFG courses are offered. The on-site exam is given within 48 hours after the final course taught at the site has been completed.

  • Students also may take the exam at a later scheduled RFG program. Simply consult the program schedule for details.

  • Alternatively, by arrangement, the exam can be taken offsite at another time. Please contact the Dean's office if you elect to take the exam offsite, as arrangements will need to be made for a time and place convenient to your location.

The RFG Comprehensive Examination generally must be taken within two years after completion of your last course requirement. Extensions, for extenuating circumstances, will be considered.

For re-testing, as necessary, the exam (full or part, as appropriate) can be re-taken after a minimum 30 day period.

There are no additional fees for taking the on-site exam. Extensions and offsite examinations may incur modest administrative fees; please check with the Dean's office for details.



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