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What is the AIFG?

The American Institute of Financial Gerontology (AIFG) provides unparalleled continuing education, and support to financial professionals advising older consumers and their families.

AIFG Mission

To be the preeminent educator of Registered Financial Gerontologists® capable of providing expert, unbiased financial planning information, client-oriented health/wealth solutions and ethical service to older consumers and their families.

What Does the AIFG Do?

  • Provides authoritative education from the nation's foremost experts in gerontology, financial services and ethics

  • Confers the Registered Financial Gerontologist certificate

  • Creates a force of expert financial advisors who understand the unique needs of an aging population

  • Fosters a holistic view of consumer needs and alternative uses of all assets to create income and health financing programs

  • Enhances the position and credibility of financial professionals in the marketplace

  • Helps financial advisors assist clients more completely through enhanced skills and services and by addressing both short- and long-term consumer needs.


  • Neal E. Cutler, PhD - President
  • Janice I. Wassel, PhD - Dean of Educational Programs
  • Margaret Hottinger - Chief Operating Officer


American Institute of Financial Gerontology
Administrative Offices
512 Woodland Court
Wayne, PA 19087


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