Margaret A. Hottinger, CPA

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Margaret Hottinger heads the operations side of the American Institute of Financial Gerontology. She brings over 20 years of experience with program and product development, implementation, and operations management. For the last ten years, her focus has been on long-term care and aging with a specialty in long-term care insurance.

For the last ten years Ms. Hottinger has been consulting through her own firm and as a principal in Chaya Company. Her projects include development of a new state long-term care program, assisting an Indian tribe in formulating strategies for long-term care services, designing customer relationship management and product development approaches for an eldercare internet company, and assisting the largest state-sponsored long-term care insurance program in the country.

Prior to her consulting career, Ms. Hottinger served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for the Long Term Care Group (LTCG), the nation's largest third party administrator of long-term care insurance programs. While at LTCG, she managed all operations including marketing and administration for LTCG's largest client with more than 130,000 members and $150,000,000 in annual premiums. She was also instrumental in developing LTCG's operational capability when the organization was a division of United Healthcare.

Ms. Hottinger co-authored Managing Health Care for the Elderly, published by John Wiley in 1992, and its 1994 supplement. She is the co-author of "At Risk: A Look at Managing Medicare Losses" in The Healthcare Financial Management Association Journal, and "Geriatric Care Management for Hospitalized Medicare Patients" in HMO/PPO Trends. She also co-authored three issues of the InterStudy Edge and other articles on HMO premiums and profitability published by the InterStudy healthcare research organization. She has testified at the Hawaii legislature, made frequent presentations to the California Public Employees Retirement System board, and presented numerous times at national conferences on topics focused long-term care insurance and insurance administration.

Ms. Hottinger became a CPA in 1979 and a licensed accident and health insurance agent in 1998.


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