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For details about AIFG sessions, choose the RFG program open only to qualified individuals and financial professionals or the FFG certificate program open to all.

Sponsored and Corporate Programs: AIFG conducts on-site Financial Gerontology professional education programs for organizations, including the RFG. For details, contact Dean Cutler at ncutler@aifg.org.

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Financing Longevity

The good news is that people are living longer, with today’s 60-year-olds anticipating more than 25 years of additional lifespan. The problem is that people need to determine how they will provide for their financial needs for many years past normal retirement, while simultaneously having to care for children and elderly parents, perhaps exacerbated in the midst of a challenging economy.

Consumers Need Solutions, not Products

These solutions can incorporate Social Security, pensions, annuities, stocks, bonds, long term care insurance, Medicare, Medicare supplements, reverse mortgages and CDs. To be relevant, the appropriate solutions require an unbiased assessment of client needs based on a comprehensive understanding of such gerontological wealth span issues as the:

  • Multiple impacts of longevity on financial psychology of middle age
  • Demographics of middle-aged children and their elderly parents
  • Biology, psychology and sociology of aging and health
  • Interconnections of financial, legal and ethical issues
  • Options for financing health and long term care
  • Strategies for financing longevity and for converting current assets into future income

Benefits of the RFG Program

Those who successfully complete the Registered Financial Gerontologist® program will be able to deliver financial solutions in a comprehensive manner with an enhanced sensitivity to and knowledge of the older client and their broad based needs – not simply the sale of products. They will benefit from enhanced credibility and position in the marketplace and learn the skills necessary to increase sales, revenue and commissions.

Benefits to Consumers

Consumers can take comfort in working with financial representatives who are properly educated, sensitive to their needs, understand health care financing and income programs and have successfully completed a professional program of continuing education awarded in partnership with The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  

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