Howard Passman, RFG, CSA, MHP, HIA

Howard Passman is President of Our Town Insurance & Financial Services (The Senior Service Center), a leading retail insurance agency established in 1987 with partner Chuck Lotocki. It operates three retail insurance offices in South Florida. The business now employs a staff of over 40 and works with over 25 independent insurance agents, servicing over 9,000 policyholders, primarily of long-term care insurance, life insurance, and annuities.

The Senior Service Center originally was originally known as the MetLife Senior Center in a joint partnership with Metropolitan Life Insurance as a test project in working with South Florida residents over the age of 65. The project was successful and, in 1988, the office became the third largest underwriter of annuities in the state, issuing annuities amounting to over $70 million dollars. In 1992, The Senior Service Center, along with MetLife, was awarded the ASA's Mature Media "Gold Award" for the creation and implementation of the "Gift For Life" insurance product and collateral marketing materials. He was consultant to MetLife's Pension & Annuity division in 1987 and subsequently the lead consultant to MetLife's Senior Services Division. Mr. Passman has worked on MetLife's individual and group LTCI programs and worked with MetLife's senior management on the program associated with AARP.

Mr. Passman is also the Senior Executive Vice President of USA Insurance Marketing (USAIM), which has grown to one of the largest Managing General Agencies in the nation specializing in Long-Term Care insurance. An insurance wholesale operation, USAIM was founded in 1991 with Mr. Lotocki, and now has contracts with over 1500 agents nationwide. The company provides insurance companies with qualified distribution, recruitment, training, and education protocols for appointed representatives. USAIM also provides turnkey operations for LTC insurance for affinity and employer groups as well as other financial services groups such as banks and stock brokerages.

Mr. Passman was additionally founder, president, and CEO of AdultCare, the nation's first closed network of long-term care providers in the United States, including home health care, nursing homes, ACLFs, and other facilities. With Lynn University of Boca Raton, Florida, the nation's first Geriatric Care Management master's degree course was created and implemented. AdultCare was sold to Fortis, North America in 1997 and became the "Productive Aging" benefit attached to all Fortis LTCI policies sold in the United States.

Mr. Passman has served, and continues to serve, on numerous charitable and youth athletic organizations.

Mr. Passman holds memberships in the National Association of Life Underwriters, National Association of Health Underwriters, National Council On Aging, American Society on Aging, and the Society of Professional Actuaries. He has served on the Advisory Boards of NIFSE and the NCOA.

He holds professional designations from American Institute of Financial Gerontology (RFG), Society of Certified Senior Advisors (CSA), the Society of Managed Health Care Professionals (MHP), and the Health Insurance Association of America (HIA).

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