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Emphasis on Education Will Assure Needs of Mature Clients Will Be Properly Met

Deerfield Beach, FL, March 7, 2003 - USA Insurance Marketing today announced that it is endorsing the Certified Financial GerontologistTM designation for all of its financial advisors, agents, and representatives. USA Insurance Marketing (USAIM) is one of the largest regional distributors of insurance products for seniors in the Southeast, with over 2,000 contracted professionals.

"As people prepare for retirement and their later years," says USAIM principal Howard Passman, "they cannot afford to make mistakes in their financial preparations. And they certainly cannot afford to be served by someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing."

USAIM has reviewed all of the programs designed to help advisors and representatives deal with the financial issues of mature clients. "Most of the programs focus on product education," Passman reports. "And while it is important that our representatives understand the products, it is even more important that they understand their clients."

The program review revealed that some devote a portion of their time to education about retirement or aging. "Even those programs don't do enough," according to Passman, who has taken some of the programs himself. "We were looking for something more, and now it is available."

The program USAIM prefers has been developed by the American Institute of Financial Gerontology. It leads to a professional designation, Certified Financial Gerontologist (CFGTM). The program was designed around the field of financial gerontology, a recognized academic discipline for over a decade. Financial gerontology is the study of the financial needs and issues of mature individuals and households.

With extensive input from industry practitioners as well as academic and aging-oriented organizations, AIFG has developed an education program to disseminate this knowledge, providing financial professionals with both the initial and the ongoing knowledge to meet the needs of their mature clients. The goal is to equip professionals with the background to deliver clients optimal recommendations and solutions that are age, health, and economically appropriate.

A major strength of AIFG's program, and a key factor for USAIM, is that it was developed in partnership with the American Society on Aging, the nation's largest association of professionals working in the field of aging, and Widener University, a doctoral/research intensive university with recognized strength in the field of financial education.

Charles Lotocki, principal of USAIM and the host of the weekly South Florida radio program on the subject of financing longevity, Senior Service Center Update, adds another reason USAIM is endorsing the program. "AIFG and its partners have attracted a world-class faculty to develop and deliver this program. There is no question that the CFGTM program delivers top-flight education."

Lotocki is one of the industry practitioners who provided input on the program development. "Most agents and advisors have the financial part well in hand," says Lotocki. "What they do not have is an adequate understanding of the issues related to aging. That's what was needed, and I'm pleased to see that's what is now available. In fact, we are now strongly encouraging every one of our professionals to pursue a CFGTM designation."


USA Insurance Marketing (USAIM) is one of the largest regional distributors of insurance products for seniors in the Southeast. USAIM is a Managing General Agency for products such as long-term care insurance for many major insurance carriers, and has a national distribution network. For more information, please visit


The American Institute of Financial Gerontology (AIFG) provides education and offers the Certified Financial GerontologistTM designation for financial professionals focusing on financial planning information, client-oriented health/wealth solutions, and ethical service to older consumers and their families. For more information, please visit


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