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  • In 2014, Janice Wassel, PhD, was interviewed by Mirae Asset Global Investment – one of the world's most prominent emerging market investors and one of Asia's largest independent financial services groups — for her views on global responses to an aging society. "Using some of the models that Baby Boomers are trending towards in employment, caregiving, grand-parenting, volunteering, exercises and spirituality may moderate potential generational tension working towards some of the economic issues that could be forthcoming. Read a translation of the interview.
  • Seeing parallels in financial, political, and social views throughout 45 years of health insurance debates? You'll enjoy reading Health Insurance Reform from pre-1965 to post 2010 by Neal Cutler, Ph.D. in the July 2010 issue of Journal of Financial Service Professionals, vol. 64, No. 4.
  • The 2009 AIFG RFG program was held at Heritage Pointe of Teaneck.
  • Financial Gerontology, Family Aging and Middle-Aged Boomers: Using the ‘Senior Sandwich Generation’ Concept in Retirement Planning - January 2008 - by Neal E. Cutler, Executive Director of the Center on Aging, Motion Picture & Television Fund and TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow
  • Wealth Span Planning Is Smart Business - 2007 - by Neal E. Cutler, Dean of the American Institute of Financial Gerontology (AIFG), from The Retirement Investor, a Penton Media publication.

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