The American Institute of Financial Gerontology (AIFG) provides unparalleled education to financial professionals advising older consumers and their families. The AIFG mission is to be the preeminent educator of Registered Financial Gerontologists® (RFGs) who are capable of providing expert, unbiased financial planning information, health/wealth solutions and ethical service to the aging members of the population and their families.

About Financial Gerontology

Financial Gerontology was established as a discipline in 1988. Since that time, financial gerontologists have worked to identify those gerontological concepts, issues, data and research findings most relevant to financial services and to communicate them to a broad range of professionals through teaching and applied research. Financial Gerontology is multidisciplinary, building on relevant teachings from biology, psychology, sociology and demography to understand the lifelong wealthspan issues and aspirations of aging individuals and their families.

The Challenge: Financing Longevity

The good news is that people are living longer, with today's 60-year-olds anticipating more than 25 years of additional lifespan. The challenge is that people need to determine how to provide for their financial needs for many years past the traditional age of retirement, while simultaneously caring for children and elderly parents. Consumers need unbiased financial advice that considers the totality of their family situation, health financing needs and assets to develop a financial program that addresses their increased longevity.

The need is for solutions, not products. These solutions can incorporate Social Security, pensions, annuities, stocks, bonds, long term care insurance, Medicare, Medicare supplements, reverse mortgages and CDs. To be appropriate, the complete solution requires an honest and unbiased assessment of short and long term needs, an analysis of appropriate health financing issues and an understanding of all the assets available to implement the plan.

Consumers need more information, better information and impartial advice from advisors who understand the unique needs of an aging population grounded in the multi-disciplinary background from biology, psychology, sociology, and demography of aging.

The Solution: Registered Financial Gerontologists

The AIFG is a unique collaboration of national private sector, gerontological and educational organizations. They have combined resources and experience to provide authoritative financial gerontology education to professionals in a wide variety of fields and to serve as a valuable educational and resource tool for those who advise older consumers.

Registered Financial Gerontologists are trained to deliver financial solutions in a comprehensive manner with an enhanced sensitivity to and knowledge of the older client and their broad based needs - not simply the sale of products. RFGs benefit from improved credibility and position in the marketplace and learn the skills necessary to increase sales. Graduates of the RFG program will be listed in a national RFG registry so consumers can more easily find qualified financial professionals.

Consumers and their families can take comfort in financial representatives who are properly educated, sensitive to their needs, understand health care financing and income programs, and have received a professional designation and continuing education awarded in partnership with UNCG.



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