Requirements and Benefits

Year 1


  1. Application, including confirmation of existing financial background in the form of designation, license, degree, or verifiable experience
  2. Completion of 6 courses totaling 24 contact hours: 4 core courses plus 2 electives
  3. Successfully passing the comprehensive examination
  4. Acceptance of the RFG Pledge of Ethical Practice

Benefits from completing the RFG professional education program

  1. Superior knowledge of the market and market needs
  2. Certificate of successful completion of the Registered Financial Gerontologist program granted by AIFG and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  3. Public awareness marketing campaign regarding the importance and significance of successfully completing the RFG program
  4. The AIFG RFG Registry: Registry in the association of Registered Financial Gerontologists includes referrals to interested local client inquiries, networking with other RFGs, and other sources of potential client referral

Year 2 and later:

Requirements for continued mastery of the RFG education, and association membership:

  1. Recommended completion of education courses (on-site or web based) [These continuing education credits may be applicable to the CE requirements of other professional certifications]
  2. Renewal of the RFG Pledge of Ethical Practice

Benefits will continue as in Year 1, plus additional benefits to be announced.


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